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Free Unit Converter &
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Access a unit converter tool by clicking the favicon on your browser toolbar and get web search results powered by Yahoo®. Install the Unit Conversion Tab & Custom Web Search extension.


The features available through the Firefox add-on may vary from those mentioned here. Please download the Firefox desktop extension to use all the features.

 Unit Conversion Tab
makes daily conversions simpler!
  • Step 1

    Select a unit of measurement
    (e.g. Length)

  • Step 2

    Enter a value into an input box
    (e.g., '10' in the mile input box)

  • Step 3

    Get instant, accurate conversion results for all units in the chosen category


Seamless unit conversions at your fingertips

Convert units in a snap

Unit Conversion Tab is your one-stop solution for converting Fahrenheit to Celsius, miles to kilometers, ounces to liters, and more. Our versatile tool saves you time and provides instant conversion results.


Streamline everyday calculations

Keep a tab on daily expenses, plan your yearly savings, manage grocery spending, create budgets, calculate mortgage payments and more, all with this free online tool.

Get custom web search

Unit Conversion Tab gives you a customized web search experience. Get relevant search results, including news, weather updates, images, videos, and more.


All-in-one metric converter


Celsius, Farenheit, Kelvin


Square Meter, Square Kilometer, Square Mile, Square Yard, Square Foot, Square Inch, Hectare, Acre


Meter per Second, Kilometer per Hour, Miles per Hour, Foot per Second, Knot


Second, Minute, Nanosecond, Microsecond, Millisecond, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year, Decade, Century


Meter, Centimeter, Kilometer, Millimeter, Micrometer, Nanometer, Yard, Foot, Inch, Mile, Nautical Mile


Liter, Milliliter, US Liquid Gallon, US Liquid Quart, US Liquid Pint.

US Legal Cup, US Fluid Ounce, US Tablespoon, US Teaspoon, Cubic Meter, Imperial Gallon.

Imperial Liquid Quart, Imperial Liquid Pint, Imperial Legal Cup, Imperial Fluid Ounce, Imperial Tablespoon, Imperial Teaspoon, Cubic Foot, Cubic Inch


Kilogram, Gram, Tonne, Milligram, Microgram, Imperial Ton, Stone, Pound, Ounce, US Ton



What is Unit Conversion Tab, and how does it work?

Unit Conversion Tab is a Firefox extension that helps you convert different units of measurement, such as length, mass, temperature, and more. Select the unit you want to convert from and enter a value to get instant conversion results.

Is the unit converter tool accurate?

Our unit converter tool is designed to give accurate and precise results. We have taken care to ensure that it is in line with the latest measurement standards.

Is the unit converter tool free to use?

Yes, our unit converter tool is completely free to use. There are no hidden charges or subscription fees.

What types of units can I convert using the tool?

Our unit converter tool offers a wide range of conversions, including length, mass, volume, temperature, time, speed, and more.

Easy-to-Use Unit Converter


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The features available through the Firefox add-on may vary from those mentioned here. Please download the Firefox desktop extension to use all the features.